FILO – First In Last Out

– often used as an accounting method for inventory

– better yet, used to describe why firefighters do what they do, first ones into a fire and last ones out!!!

– has become my personal mantra of Finding Inspiration Living On

This blog is dedicated to our family’s personal hero, Captain Grady Don Burke.  Grady served just shy of 13 years with the Houston Fire Department and before that he served with the Texas City Fire Department.  He died in the line of duty February 19, 2005 when the roof of a house collapsed on him. A mayday was called and all his men were able to escape the burning dwelling in time, except for him.

Life is never guaranteed period.  So….find your passion.  Love, laugh, allow yourself to feel life!  Forgive.  Embrace differences.  Celebrate mistakes that teach.  Pray often.  Thank God for His blessings, gifts and yes, heartaches.